leth acl grant

leth acl grant

Grant an ACL permission to another account.



leth acl grant --nodeid=1 --network=rinkeby --permission=read --acl=0xd966aa573f8AcBfEb3724B661B420c258ceA5D38 --owner=0xadC486F16F003897fb927e22438cb1b820f79879 --to=0xadc486f16f003897fb927e22438cb1b820f79879

Possible Outputs:

{"error": {"code": "SOME/INTERNAL/ERROR/CODE", "message": "explanatory error message"}}
leth acl grant [flags]


      --acl string          ACL ID (Deployed Smart Contract Hex Addr) associated with the stored file.
  -h, --help                help for grant
      --network string      Possible values: 'sirius', 'mainnet', 'standalone', 'rinkeby', 'ganache'.
      --nodeid int          ID of the node in order to support multiple nodes on the same machine. 0 by default.
      --owner string        The account with rights to grant the ACL permission.
      --permission string   Permission to grant. Possible values: [noaccess,read,write,admin]
      --to string           Account address to whom the permission should be granted.


  • leth acl - Features LethACL’s pkg capabilities over CLI such as granting ACL permissions.
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