Example DApp Document Authorizer Demo

What is the Intellectual Property demo dapp?

Lightstreams document authorizer demo intends to show case a real world document authorizer application where content creators could offer their intellectual property for selling in a decentralized manner using Lightstreams Smart Vault to guarantee the security and traceability of their published content.


Lightstreams provides two separate and independent nodes of this document authorizer demo to represent the real decentralization of this DApp.


On every new session an user is automatically created and credited with 2 PHT. Below you can find a short explanation of the functionalities you can find in this demo.

Lightstreams WhitePaper

On the Demo home page default there is pre-uploaded content to purchase, in this case it is the Lightstreams WhitePaper for the reasonable price of 0.2 PHT.

Upload Content

From home page click, or from the application service, on Publish or from the application menu.

After you agree on the term&conditions it will start deploying a new Smart Contract which will hold the Access Control List(ACL) of the file you are about to upload. It is required to have at least 1 PHT to perform this action.

Once the deployment of the smart contract is completed, you fill up the form include a title and description for the new file, a cover image and the file itself. Click on Publish. After uploading and deployment is finished it will display a content profile card with the public and private information of the published content.


On the Library every purchased and published content is being listed.

Share your Content

To purchase the content published by other users we need to Search for it using the Public Content ID provided after uploading was completed. Pasting that ID and click on Search the public data regarding the published content is displayed along with a Purchase button to proceed with the purchasing of the content.

Purchase Content

To purchase this content you need to click on the public link, this link loads the public metadata information about the content such as Title, Description, Cover image, Owner and price. After you click in Purchase it performs a purchase tx in the blockchain which send to the content owner to total amount set at the price.

Once the tx is completed the private content is loaded and downloadable. Also you can see the receipt of it and clicking on it you can see from Lightstreams Explorer the actual details of the transaction.