Hi there! Welcome to the Lightstreams documentation!

At Lightstreams, we believe the future is private and that no one company should own it #ownyourdata. We want to help you make it happen. Lightstreams empowers developers and companies to create a future with decentralized applications (dApps), where users are in control of their personal data.

Why Lightstreams?

  • Lightstreams has its own blockchain, a PoA Ethereum compatible blockchain.
  • Lightstreams blockchain is fast, up to 200 transactions per second.
  • Lightstreams is GDPR compliant, users control their data.
  • Lightstreams is politically decentralized, we have a radical governance model.
  • Lightstreams is for mainstream users, we enable freemium models for your Dapps.

Our network

Lightstreams has implemented Lightchain a Proof of Authority(PoA) Ethereum blockchain which is 100% compatible with the latest ethereum features. Lightstreams blockchain uses Tendermint Byzantine fault tolerance(BFT) protocol to achieve consensus on the produced blocks.

Currently there are two available networks, a test network named Sirius and a main network. Both of them can be monitored using the corresponding block explorers and Don’t waste one more second and request some FREE TOKENS for our network Sirius now and go to code, just text us on our forum or in our telegram.

The Smart Vault

Our development team got to create an unique software by the seamless integration of three popular elements: Tendermint, Ethereum and a IPFS protocol enhanced by our team with a permissioned layer to ensure user’s content is ONLY distributed to authorized peers.


Using Leth, Lightstreams SDK for dApp developers, you can interact with the Smart Vault and share content in a distribute and secure manner in only few commands using its CLI or in few lines of code using its HTTP API. Read more about how to install it or use it in Getting started.

How it works ?

Lightstreams Technical Stack