Privacy and Confidentiality

Lightstreams is designed for privacy-centric web3 applications.

The personal information and activity of application users must remain private and the content they share by consent must remain confidential.

Lightstreams provides the Smart Vault to bring privacy and confidentiality capabilities to DApps. The Smart Vault is a decentralized datastore with privacy controls for sharing and selling digital content. The Smart Vault harnesses the IPFS Network, an offchain distributed data storage system.

The Smart Vault has enhanced the IPFS client with a security layer that prevents access to protected. This includes encrypted data stored within the Smart Vault. The data owner has complete control over who can access data when permission was granted and can revoke permissions at any time.

Smart Vault can be used to:

  • Sell digital content (e.g. video, music, images).

  • Transfer ownership of digital assets (e.g. land titles, vehicle registrations).

  • Trace the custody of goods within a value chain. (e.g. the supply chain of food).

  • Share content within a private group.

  • Store a user's personal information and activity.

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