Privacy and Confidentiality

Lightstreams is designed for privacy-centric web3 applications.

In many scenarios where users interact with applications, it is crucial that their data, including personal information and activity, remain confidential and not publicly accessible. This presents a significant challenge in the web3 domain, where public blockchains are predominantly used, making it relatively easy to trace user activities and shared data.

Lightstreams addresses this challenge with its Smart Vault, a privacy-focused and confidential solution for web3 applications. The Smart Vault is a decentralized datastore that incorporates access controls for the sharing and selling of digital content. It operates on the IPFS Network, leveraging this peer-to-peer overlay network as a distributed data storage system.

The Smart Vault enhances the IPFS protocol by adding a security layer that restricts access to protected files. Data owners have full authority over who can access their data, the conditions under which access is granted, and the ability to revoke permissions at any time.

Applications of Smart Vault include:

  • Selling digital content such as videos, music, and images.

  • Transferring ownership of digital assets, for example, land titles and vehicle registrations.

  • Tracing the custody of goods within a value chain, such as the supply chain of food.

  • Sharing content within private groups.

  • Storing personal information and user activity securely.

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