Smart Vault JS SDK

Javascript Software Development Kit

The Lightstreams Javascript SDK provides is a library the provides modules for account management and interacting with a Lightstreams node.


The Lightstreams Javascript SDK Github repository.


How to use

Install node module

Install lightstreams-js-sdk as part of your project dependencies:

npm install git+ --save


1. Wallets (ethers-js)

Learn more about ethers-js

How to create a random new wallet

import { EthersWallet as EW } from 'lightstreams-js-sdk';

const encryptedJson = await EW.Keystore.createRandomWallet(seedPhrase, password);

How to create a wallet from seed phrase

import { EthersWallet as EW } from 'lightstreams-js-sdk';

const encryptedJson = await EW.Keystore.createWallet(seedPhrase, password);

How to generate a random seed phrase

import { EthersWallet as EW } from 'lightstreams-js-sdk';

const randomSeedPhrase = EW.Keystore.generateRandomSeedPhrase();

1.1 Account

How to create a new account

import { EthersWallet as EW } from 'lightstreams-js-sdk';
const encryptedJson = await EW.Keystore.createRandomWallet(seedPhrase, password);
const account = EW.Account.createAccount(encryptedJson)

Public account object API

  • lock():void: Lock wallet account

  • unlock(password):void: Unlock wallet account

  • isLocked():boolean: Return false is the account is unlock

  • sign(txParams):string: Return a signed transaction. Wallet must be unlocked

  • export():object: Returns encrypted privatekey in json format

  • seedPhrase():array: Return account seed phrase. Wallet must be unlocked

2. Web3 provider

In this repository you can find a customize web3 provider which uses a local keystorage to sign transactions. In addition other ethereum public API methods such as eth_lockAccount, eth_unlockAccount and eth_newAccount are being overwritten to use the key local storage.

How to initialize a LS web3 provider

import { Web3 } from 'lightstreams-js-sdk';

Web3.newEngine(window.process.env.WEB3_PROVIDER).then(web3 => {
  window.web3 = this.state.web3;

Using this web3 provider you could create a new account and unlock it as you would regularly do web3 engine api methods, such as:

web3.eth.personal.unlockAccount("0x0Address", "password", 1000);

How to import a wallet

import { EthersWallet as EW } from 'lightstreams-js-sdk';

const encryptedJson = await EW.Keystore.createRandomWallet(password);

3. ENS

Learn more about it in official docs.

How to register new tld

import { ENS } from 'lightstreams-js-sdk';

const account = "0x0Address"; // Owner account
const tld = "lsn"
const { ensAddress, resolverAddress } = await ENS.SDK.deployNewRegistry(web3, { from: account });
await ENS.SDK.registerNode(web3, { ensAddress, from: account, node: tld});

How to use ENS official sdk Read docs here

const domain = 'fanbase.lsn';
const ens = ENS.SDK.initializeManager(web3.currentProvider, ensAddress);
console.log(`Registering ${domain}...`);
await ens.setSubnodeOwner(domain, account, { from: account });
console.log(`Setting resolver ...`);
await ens.setResolver(domain, resolverAddress, { from: account });
console.log(`Setting address ...`);
await ens.resolver(domain).setAddr(account, { from: account });
let address = await ens.resolver(domain).addr();
console.log(`${domain} is pointing to ${address}`);

4. Smart vault

4.1 Gateway proxy

Sample usage

const { Gateway as useGateway }  = require('lightstreams-js-sdk')
const gateway = useGateway('')

Once LightstreamsSDK is initialized you interact with it as follow:

// Get user balance
const account = "0xa981f8ca77d069d79b609ca0069b052db79e7e30"
const { balance } = await gateway.wallet.balance(account)

Available Methods

Gateway SDK interface is made to match, one to one, every available smart vault endpoints.

  • /user/signup -> gateway.user.signUp(password)

  • /user/signin -> gateway.user.signIn(account, password)

  • /wallet/balance -> gateway.wallet.balance(account)

  • /wallet/transfer -> gateway.wallet.transfer(from, password, to, amountWei)

  • /storage/add ->, password, file)

  • /storage/fetch ->, token, stream)

  • /acl/grant -> gateway.acl.grant(acl, owner, password, to, permission)

  • /acl/revoke -> gateway.acl.revoke(acl, owner, password, to)

  • /acl/grant-public -> gateway.acl.grantPublic(acl, owner, password)

  • /acl/revoke-public -> gateway.acl.revokePublic(acl, owner, password)

  • /shop/create ->, password)

  • /shop/shell ->, from, password, acl, priceWei)

  • /shop/buy ->, from, password, acl)

  • /erc20/balance -> gateway.erc20.balance(erc20_address, account)

  • /erc20/transfer -> gateway.erc20.transfer(erc20_address, from, password, to, amount)

  • /erc20/purchase -> gateway.erc20.purchase(erc20_address, account, password, amount_wei)

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