Build powerful privacy-centric decentralized applications.


Lightstreams is a low fee, high-performance blockchain with web3 access-controlled file sharing. Fully Ethereum compatible and interoperable, permitting Pay-to-View NFTs.
Lightstreams consists of two networks:
  • A public Etheruem-compatible blockchain that supports Solidity smart contracts.
  • A public web3 file-sharing network that uses the IPFS protocol that is extended to support file access controls.


The Lightstreams technology stack consists of the following components.
  • Lightchain - An Ethereum-compatible blockchain client that uses Tendermint consensus for speed in processing transactions.
  • Smart Vault - A decentralized datastore with privacy controls.
  • Lightstreams SDK - A Software Development Kit for interacting with a Lightstreams node.
  • Gateway API - An interface for application to easily connect to the Lightstreams network.
  • Lightstreams Block Explorer - For viewing transactions recorded on the Lightstreams blockchain.
The Lightstreams Stack