Build powerful privacy-centric decentralized applications.


Lightstreams is a technology stack for developing decentralized applications. The stack has a fast blockchain designed to support responsive applications and a decentralized datastore with privacy controls.
Lightstreams consists of two public networks:
    A fast Etheruem-compatible blockchain network with smart contracts capabilities to manage application flow.
    The IPFS network for storing application data in decentralized manner with privacy controls for accessing data.


The Lightstreams technology stack consists of the following components.
    Lightchain - An Ethereum-compatible blockchain client that provides improvements in speed.
    Smart Vault - A decentralized datastore with privacy controls.
    Lightstreams SDK - A Software Development Kit for interacting with a Lightstreams node.
    Gateway API - An interface for application to easily connect to the Lightstreams network.
    Lightstreams Block Explorer - For viewing transactions recorded on the Lightstreams blockchain.
The Lightstreams Stack
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