Why Lightstreams
We believe the future is private, no company should own and control user data.
At Lightstreams, we want to help you create powerful apps where users are in full control of their personal data. Our tools will help you quickly build the new generation of Decentralized Apps (DApps) that will make this happen!
The online world today consists of siloed walled gardens controlled by centers of power. When people use the internet they freely give away their personal information and activity to companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon. These companies collect, analyze and harvested your data which they then sell to third parties.

Build DApps that Don't Use a Centralized Database

Building DApps that keep the personal data of users private is difficult. Traditionally projects would choose a centralized database for storing sensitive data. Using Lightstreams, you can create apps where users manage their personal data and activity themselves. and apps where content created for private and limited groups is management by the participants is managed in a distributed manner by those that are approved during the flow of the application and transmitted in a peer-to-peer fashion between group members.
As a developer, you must ensure that your application complies with data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA regulations when handling the personal data of users. By letting users store and manage their own data, you can eliminate your compliance burden and the liability associated with protecting and securing this sensitive data.

Control Data Access in Private Groups.

Use simple APIs to control permissions for protected data shared within private groups. No permission, no access. No one can access protected data unless permission has been granted. This level of security goes beyond encrypting data. Each data owner has complete control over who has access to their data, when permission was granted and can revoke a permission at any time.

Sell Content Directly. Transfer and Trace Assets.

Develop applications that permit the peer-to-peer sale of digital content where the data owner instantly receives the transfer of funds for their works.
Custody of assets can be tracked and traced by independent smart contracts and ownership rights can also be transferred directly between parties, cutting out the middleman.
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