Why Lightstreams

We believe the future is private, no company should own and control your data.
At Lightstreams, we want to help you create powerful apps where users have full control of their personal data and the content they create. Our tools will help you quickly build a new generation of web3 application that can make this happen!
The online world today consists of siloed walled gardens where people do not have full control over the content they create and upload.

Build Apps that Use Web3 Storage

Building apps where users retain custody of their personal data and content has not been possible until now. With Lightstreams, your app users approve access to their content and data via distributed web3 storage.

Access Control

Use simple APIs to control access to private groups for sharing content. No one can access data (even the encrypted data!) unless granted permission. Users control permissions for who has access to their data when permission was granted and can revoke access.