Cannot Do Evil

A paradigm shift in managing user data.
We believe applications should be designed where:
  • User data remains private and confidential.
  • User data is not managed or controlled by a single entity.
Many people use privacy and confidentiality interchangeably, yet the two words and anonymity mean significantly different things. The differences matter when it comes to data ownership, rights, responsibilities, and protections.
Being anonymous does not guarantee privacy.
Anonymity – is ensuring that an individual described is not known and cannot be identified.
Privacy – is the individual or an entity’s right to keep personal data to themselves and to not have their actions recorded or monitored.
Confidentiality – refers to controlling access to protected information that is shared between parties by consent.

Smart Vault: Privacy & Confidentiality

The Smart Vault can be used by applications to manage protected information that is shared between users in private groups.
Data flow is not managed or controlled by an intermediary.

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