How to Create a Wallet

How to Create a Lightstreams Wallet with MetaMask
The following guide will show you how to generate a Lightstreams digital wallet using MetaMask. You can use this wallet to receive and sent PHT tokens.
MetaMask is a tool for sending and receiving Ethereum compatible tokens. Since Lightstreams is Ethereum-compatible we can configure MetaMask to connect to Lightstreams.
PHT is the native token to the Lightstreams network as ETH is the native token to the Ethereum network. PHT is not an ERC-20 token or similar.


The material and information contained on this document are for technical information purposes only. It is provided “as-is” on a best-effort basis.
You are responsible for your tokens

Install MetaMask

Step 1: Install MetaMask extension in your browser ( Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave. This guide will use Google Chrome.
Click on “Get Chrome Extension” to get started
Click on “Add to Chrome” to install the extension
Select “Add extension”

Create a New Wallet

Step 2: Click on the button “Get Started”.
Click on “Get Started” to create your private wallet
Step 3: Click on the button “Create a Wallet” and decide whether you want MetaMask to gather your user data.
Click on "Create a Wallet"
Click on “I Agree” to usage data
Step 4: Create a password and accept the terms of use.
Enter a password, accept terms of use and click “create"
Step 5: Save your secret backup phrase and keep it somewhere safe. These 12 words are the only way to restore your MetaMask account. You will also need them to complete your wallet creation at the next step.
Save your secret backup phrase and click “Next”
Confirm you secret backup phrase and click “Confirm”

Receiving PHT Tokens

Step 6: Your public wallet address is located in your “Account Details” area. To receive PHT tokens you will need to give the public address of your wallet to someone who will send you tokens. Click on the wallet address as showed. Paste this address in a message to the person sending you the PTH tokens.
You can click on the wallet address to copy it

Renaming the Default Account

Step 8: We recommend to change the default name of the “Account 1” so you can remember it is your Lightstreams Photons Wallet. Click on "Details" for Account 1.
Click on the pencil to edit the account name
Edit account name to easily remember it is your Lightstreams Photons Wallet.