How to Send Photons

How to Send PHT using a MetaMask wallet
The following guide will show you how to send PHT tokens using MetaMask.
It is assumed that you have:
  1. 1.
    Followed the How to Create a Wallet guide to generated a PHT address
  2. 2.
    Received PHT tokens to your wallet.


The material and information contained on this document are for technical information purposes only. It is provided “as-is” on a best-effort basis.
You are responsible for your tokens

Log in to MetaMask

Skip this step if you are already logged in.
Step 1: Log in to your MetaMask Wallet and click on “Expand View” to open in a new tab. In the event you have forgotten your password, you can restore your MetaMask Wallet using the secret backup phrase you should have saved during the account creation.
Click on the MetaMask icon, type your password and click “Log In”
Click on “…” and then “Expand View” to open the dialog on a new tab

Lightstreams Configuration

Step 2: Click on “Network” to display all available networks and select “Custom RPC” from the available options.
Click on “Networks” and on “Custom RPC”
Step 3: In the section “New Network” click on “Show Advanced Options” and fill in the following information:
RPC Url: ChainId: 0xA3 Symbol: ETH Nickname: Lightstreams Block Explorer URL: Note: Previous versions of MetaMask permitted the ChainId to be 163. Now, this is required to be in Hexidecimal format.
Click on “Show Advanced Options”
Step 4: Click “Save”. Lightstreams Network is now properly set up in your MetaMask Wallet. Make sure to always have selected the Lightstreams Network before pursuing the next step.
Lightstreams Network is now set up

Sending PHT Tokens

Step 5: Click on the “Send” button.
Click “Send”
Step 6: Click “Advanced Options”.
Click “Advanced Options”
Step 7: Change the Gas Price (Gwei) from 10 to 500. The transaction fee you will pay from your account 0.0105 PHT. Then click “Save”.
This dialog shows the units in ETH, however, you will actually be charged in PHT from you account. The gas price is 500 GWEI = 0.0000005 PHT.
Enter 500 GWEI and click “Save”.
Step 8: Enter the following details for sending your PHT tokens. Ignore the "Send ETH" title, we will be sending PHT.
To: The PHT account you will be sending your tokens to. Asset: Do not change. (Keep the ETH symbol selected) Amount: The amount of PHT tokens you want to send.
Step 9: Click “Confirm”
Click “Confirm”
Your transaction should now be confirmed.
Note: Clicking on the "Confirmed Transaction" will incorrectly attempt to view the Transaction Receipt in Etherscan, which is not supported. Please see the instructions below for viewing the Transaction Receipt.

Viewing the Transaction Receipt

If you have set the Lightstreams explorer address in the network settings (, you can view the transaction details by clicking on the confirmed transaction line and then the “View at” arrow.
Click the Confirmed transaction
Click the “View at”
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