How to Send PHT with a Ledger Nano

The following guide show you how to send PHT tokens using MyEtherWallet with a Ledger Nano hardware wallet.


The material and information contained on this document are for technical information purposes only. It is provided “as-is” on a best-effort basis.

You are responsible for your tokens

Access Ledger Nano Wallet

Step 1: Navigate to and click on "Access My Wallet"

Click on "Access My Wallet" on the MEW homepage.

Step 2: Choose "Hardware" from the available wallet options.

Choose "Hardware"

Step 3: In the Access by Hardware dialog box choose "Ledger" and click "Continue"

Choose "Ledger" and click "Continue"

Step 4: Change App from Ethereum to Lightstreams Network by clicking the "Down Arrow", select Lightstreams Network and click "Next".

Click the "Down Arrow" to change from Ethereum.
Select "Lightstreams Network" and click "Next"

Step 5: In the "Network and Address" dialogue box click on "Network" and then select "PHT Lightstreams Network"

Select "PHT Lightstreams Network"

Step 6: Click "Address" then select the account address you will by sending the funds from. Next, tick to accept the Terms and click "Access My Wallet"